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  • 石油精炼

  • 天然气勘探

  • 天然气生产

  • 原油提炼

  • 海上石油钻进平台

  • 油井

  • 油罐

  • 炼油厂



Petroleum extraction on an oil rig
Petroleum extraction on an oil rig

Cost effective petroleum extraction

In today's environment, the efficient and cost effective process of extracting petroleum is critical. Pepperl+Fuchs understands these processes and has the products to meets the needs of this important industry. From offshore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to the tar sands in northern Canada, our products are relied upon to bring this critical resource to market.

Oil+Gas Refining

Oil + Gas Refining

Oil + Gas Refining
Oil + Gas Refining

Petroleum products at a lower cost

As oil + gas refineries strive to increase production in this ever-changing market, up-time, availability and safety are clear motivating factors to automation suppliers. Pepperl+Fuchs devices are implemented to de-bottleneck processes and increase optimization. We strive to develop equipment that allows oil + gas refineries throughout the world to produce petroleum products reliably and at a lower cost.

Oil+Gas Pipelines

Oil + Gas Pipelines

Oil + Gas Pipelines
Oil + Gas Pipelines

Increased demand for energy

With the increase in energy demand, it is more important than ever to deliver hydrocarbon fuels efficiently and cost effectively to their needed markets. Pepperl+Fuchs satisfies this market application with products to improve throughput and quality. From wellheads and compressor stations to final blending and tank farm storage, our equipment is used extensively in this fossil fuel market segment.